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#2554: Comments link title bug
       Id:  2554       |      Status:  new                     
Component:  Template   |    Modified:  Sun Mar 19 18:17:49 2006
 Severity:  trivial    |   Milestone:                          
 Priority:  normal     |     Version:  2.0.2                   
    Owner:  anonymous  |    Reporter:  kpumuk                  
Comment (by markjaquith):

 {{{the_title()}}} echoes, so that's not correct.  Using
 {{{get_the_title()}}} would be better, but wouldn't fix the issue, because
 no filters are run on {{{get_the_title()}}}

 The best fix might be to switch to {{{get_the_title()}}} and to create a
 new {{{get_the_title}}} filter.  The filters on the echo-only functions
 are rather limited.  There are many instances of {{{get_the_something}}}
 filters and I'd recommend using those, because they cover both return and
 echo instances of usage.

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