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#2476: Language support for TinyMCE
       Id:  2476       |      Status:  reopened                
Component:  General    |    Modified:  Thu Mar  9 18:05:02 2006
 Severity:  normal     |   Milestone:  2.0.2                   
 Priority:  normal     |     Version:  2.0.1                   
    Owner:  anonymous  |    Reporter:  capt_kirk               
Changes (by pkirk):

  * resolution:  fixed =>
  * priority:  high => normal
  * status:  closed => reopened


 1. get_locale() returns "en_US" if WPLANG is empty (like default) and this
 patch search for /langs/en_US.js but it doesn't find that and goes with
 /lang/en.js .[[BR]][[BR]]
 2. I've got the italian translation of WP that calls itself "it_IT" (as
 many other that calls themself in the "xx_XX" format)(to be put in the wp-
 config.php at WPLANG's define) so this patch search for /lang/it_IT.js but
 I've downloaded translation for TinyMCE from
 capt_kirk's site] and they are most in the xx.js format (the italian
 translation looks like "it.js").[[BR]][[BR]]

 I think that something has to be modified. Maybe only the name of the
 TinyMCE's translation .js files.

 Thank you,

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