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#2930: Filter called for wp_title does not receive all arguments
 Reporter:  sargant   |       Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new      
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 '''(Using WordPress Version 2.0.3)'''

 The function called by the filter wp_title should receive both the title
 and the separator as arguments, according to
 functions-general.php?rev=4005#L201 template-functions-general.php line

 However, the only argument received by the callback function is the title,
 and no indication of the separator.

 You can test this by installing the following code as a plugin:
 Plugin Name: Title Filter Test
 Author: Sargant
 Description: Demonstrates problem with wp_title filter
 Version: 1

 add_filter('wp_title', 'title_filter_argument_test');

 function title_filter_argument_test() {


 '''Expected output:'''

 The function wp_title() should var_dump an array with two elements - the
 title and the separator.

 '''Actual output:'''

 The var_dump shows just one function argument - the title alone.

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