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#2862: SQL formatting method for WPDB
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Comment (by DevaSatyam):

 You are absolutely right, Ketsugi.  In none of my applications I found any
 need to track time with any precision beyond days and in what I added to
 my instalation of WP I didn't use that much precision either.  According
 to SQL, if a time part is indicated for a date field, it will be ignored,
 so the 'd' format could include a time part and it will serve for date,
 datetime and timestamp datatypes.

 What to do with time and year fields?  A Y could be used to indicate a
 year value, but it could also be indicated as a plain integer and mySql
 will take it, so there is no need to worry about that one.  Then, only the
 time datatype is left out.  The 't' is already taken for 'table_prefix'.
 Does it matter, anyway?

 Would you know how to submit a change to a change that has not been
 accepted yet?  I don't want to clutter this thing. If you know the proper
 way to submit it and want to do it, please feel free.

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