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Sun Feb 19 10:44:16 GMT 2006

#2434: Linked Image + Apostrophe In Post = Database Error
       Id:  2434            |      Status:  assigned                
Component:  Administration  |    Modified:  Sun Feb 19 10:44:16 2006
 Severity:  major           |   Milestone:  2.0.2                   
 Priority:  high            |     Version:  2.0.1                   
    Owner:  dougal          |    Reporter:  Dave-Millercom          
Changes (by ryan):

  * milestone:  => 2.0.2


 You can get_post() as ARRAY_A and then add_magic_quotes() on the entire
 array before sending to wp_update_post().  We need to do that before both
 calls to wp_update_post().  Don't use magic_quotes_gpc() since the post
 data is coming from the DB, not from GPC.  The post data will always be
 unescaped when being pulled straight from the DB.

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