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Sat Dec 16 03:59:06 GMT 2006

#3476: wpautop is a mess
 Reporter:  Viper007Bond  |       Owner:  anonymous  
     Type:  defect        |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  high          |   Milestone:  2.1        
Component:  General       |     Version:  2.1        
 Severity:  major         |    Keywords:  needs-patch
 I don't know where to begin, but it needs a major overhaul.

 For example, make a post with this:


 That's perfectly valid XHTML.

 It results in this:

 <p>Test<br />

 No closing `</p>` and a `<br />` that shouldn't be there.

 It also really likes putting `<br />`'s inside `<object>` tags even when
 there was no line break there.

 The list goes on an on and it affects more than just `<object>` tags. As I
 said, I dunno where to start...

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