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#2700: Reverse-pingbacks for comments
       Id:  2700         |      Status:  new                     
Component:  XML-RPC      |    Modified:  Sun Apr 30 14:46:28 2006
 Severity:  enhancement  |   Milestone:  2.1                     
 Priority:  normal       |     Version:  2.1                     
    Owner:  anonymous    |    Reporter:  geekdreams              
 Currently, when you submit a comment on a random blog, the only way of
 tracking that comment or referring back to it later is to a.) bookmark the
 comments page, or b.) subscribe to the comments feed (if available).

 What I'd like to see is an extension of the Pingback spec, or possibly
 some new feature (talkbacks? backtalk?), that pings my homepage when I
 submit a comment on someone else's blog. This would allow me to include a
 sidebar on my site containing recent comments from all over the web, and
 would generally help me track conversations directly in Wordpress.

 Spam/abuse is an issue, but that's true of pingbacks, trackbacks, and
 comments as well. Also, the system would only be useful if a majority of
 Wordpress (and other blogging systems that would presumably follow suit)
 installations had this feature on by default, so a plugin is not the

 Thanks in advance for your consideration and comments.

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