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Wed Apr 5 19:38:38 GMT 2006

#2643: bloginfo() bypasses filter hook for urls
       Id:  2643       |      Status:  new                     
Component:  General    |    Modified:  Wed Apr  5 19:38:38 2006
 Severity:  normal     |   Milestone:  2.1                     
 Priority:  normal     |     Version:  2.1                     
    Owner:  anonymous  |    Reporter:  Kafkaesqui              
 Summary describes everything about this ticket. However, I'd rather not
 revert bloginfo to filtering everything, considering how this can (and
 occasionally does) munge urls. Instead I'm suggesting the addition of a
 new hook for url values in bloginfo (I'll call it 'bloginfo_url'). It
 performs no filtering; it's for plugin API purposes only.

 Attaching patch.

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