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#6524: Increase Max Upload Limit to 30 for Users With More Than 30 Approved Photos
 Reporter:  ChrisEdwardsCE   |       Owner:  coffee2code
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Comment (by coffee2code):

 I've recently spoken to @topher1kenobe about this and what follows covers
 some of the concerns raised and potential solutions.

 == The Concerns

 The reasons for the delay in the implementation of this request (at least
 for me) have been twofold:

 1. **Concern over moderator capacity.**[[br]]Implementing this ticket as
 requested will, obviously, lead to more photos being submitted than at
 present. I wanted to ensure that we have a sufficient pool of active
 moderators so that the increased load isn't too much of a moderation
 2. **Concern over photo dumps by submitters.**[[br]]This concern relates
 to the fact that there will certainly be people who submit up to the
 maximum limit as often as they can. Coupled with the fact that moderation
 is generally sequential, that could mean that the entire Photo Directory
 front page at times is occupied by a single contributor. And even worse
 (in my mind) is that this could lead to a lot of the same type of pictures
 in large batches (i.e. 30 photos of different flowers). Part of the
 aesthetic appeal of a photo directory, particularly a front page, is
 seeing a variety of subject matter in the photos.[[br]][[br]]Also, if
 moderators are efficient and a submitter is determined, there's the
 possibility that many dozens of photos from one person dominate many
 consecutive pages of photo archives, moreso if there is a lull with other

 == The Current Situation

 Now that we have greatly increased the number of moderators and have a
 process in place to vet and add more, the first item is less of a concern.
 I think we'd still want to ease our way towards the higher limit with
 incremental increases to test moderation capacity.

 However, the second item remains fully a concern. Because of this, in
 order to implement a much higher submission limit, a number of related
 changes need to first take place.

 == Proposed Related Changes

 These are things that come to mind (there may be others that come up with
 more consideration or during implementation, and maybe not everything is

 - Restrict the number of photos published per day per contributor. This
 really should be enacted even at current limits, but becomes necessary for
 increased limits.
         - It would be most straightforward if the concurrent submission
 limit and the daily publish limit were the same value.
         - If we allow more concurrent submissions in the queue than can be
 published per day, then this implies that photos submitted beyond the
 daily limit will be held in a holding queue or otherwise kept from being
 moderated until the submitter's daily allotment is freed up.
 - When allowing users to have the increased submission limit, instead of
 making it available after 30 published photos, we should additionally
 check that they also have a positive publish-to-rejection ratio. (e.g.
 someone having 30 published photos but also 25 rejected photos suggests
 they still aren't able to consistently meet our guidelines and/or quality
 standards; allowing them more submissions would add more moderation effort
 in these cases).
 - The queue should be presented to moderators in a random fashion. This
 makes it easier to get a mix of photos (subject matter and submitter),
 especially if moderating from one photo to the next.
 - The auto-redirect after moderating a photo should go to a random photo
 instead of the next photo in sequential order. Additionally, it could also
 seek out a photo not by the person most recently moderated. (Effectively
 reverts the change made for #6741).

 == Candidates for Immediate Action

 Ultimately, everything I've proposed above has merit even if the
 submission limit isn't increased at all. However, the main debate is how
 much of a submission limit we want to go up to and whether we want to have
 a daily publication limit (which has more merit even now, but becomes more
 necessary the higher we make the submission limit).

 In the meantime, unless there are objections, we can move forward with:

 - Increasing the concurrent submission limit to 10.
 - Implementing a daily publication limit of 10, though this may not get
 added immediately. ''(Note: Photos published that day will reduce the
 submission limit for that day as well since, at least initially, we have
 to assume that all photos in the queue might get moderated and published
 that same day.)''
 - Randomizing the listing of photos in the queue so they get randomly
 - Randomizing the next photo loaded after moderating a photo.
 - Recommending that moderators keep an eye towards the front page and
 moderate for variety when possible.
 - Debating if a further increase, and thus much additional effort, is
 still warranted.
 - If warranted, discussing and fleshing further actions to mitigate photo
 publication dumps.

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