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Mon May 29 21:50:53 UTC 2023

#6079: Clearer thread URLs and email notifications
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Comment (by Starbuck):

 In general, I don't think any ticket should be closed unless 1) The author
 says the issue is resolved, or 2) the author is not active and consensus
 is that the issue is resolved.

 Therefore, for this ticket, unless solutions are actually proposed and
 implemented, and this ticket is processed as an intentional or accidental
 bonus, I don't think this ticket should be closed.

 At the end of the day, as I've noted above, can we agree that "context" is
 the goal, and without obvious "yes, there is context in the
 result/notification" it seems none of these can be closed.

 I'm getting a bit frustrated with this topic, though please don't take
 this as aggressively, I'm just conveying sentiment in a collaborative
 manner. At the time a search result or notification is generated, all of
 the context is available. So why is any of this such a big deal that takes
 1-2 years for consideration and resolution?

 Let's step away from changing URLs as a solution to the context problem
 and just focus on adding more context. What's wrong with adding in emails
 and search results a standard template that includes relevant names and
 links? The exact same code can be used for emails and search results.

 Plugin : [plugin name](url) {PluginID} or N/A
 Theme : [theme name](url) {ThemeID} or N/A
 Forum Section : [section name](url) or N/A
 Thread : [thread name](url) or N/A

 Just fill in all relevant detail that is available. This text-as-meta is
 easily searchable and filterable. The IDs are included in case a plugin
 name changes - we have the opportunity to use either as we wish.

 As a great/existing example, look to the emails we get from Trac as a

 In summary, just stepping back a moment - why is this concept such a big
 deal? Or are we hung up on the specific suggestions for implementation? :)


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