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#6993: Plugin Repo Feature: Assign plugins to reviewers
 Reporter:  mrfoxtalbot       |       Owner:  (none)
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Changes (by dd32):

 * status:  closed => reopened
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 Replying to [comment:9 mrfoxtalbot]:
 > > It doesn't auto-assign, but does have a single button click to do so,
 and it's ajax saved upon being changed.
 > I am not going to reopen this, as the basic functionality is more than
 covered but I am curious: Would it be possible to auto-assign a plugin to
 the last person who changed its status or are there some practical reasons
 to not do this?

 I guess there's two parts to it in my mind:
  - You start reviewing the plugin before you change it's status, and it
 should be done upon loading the plugin screen and you start reviewing it
 (or by bulk assigning yourself a bunch of plugins to process). I guess the
 Post Locking feature lets others know you're looking at it though? That's
 primarily what's been used in the past to let others know you're working
 on the plugin.
  - Closing a plugin (The other place where the assignments are used)
 doesn't mean that the person who closed it is going to be the one to
 follow up.

 Perhaps upon moving from `new` to `pending` if it doesn't have an
 assignment and assigning to the user who does that would be beneficial
 though? Just incase someone started and didn't assign themselves..

 Thinking about scenario's where someone might mark a plugin as pending,
 but not actually be the reviewer of it though... I can imagine that
 sometimes there's followup questions that need to be asked (For example;
 "Are you this trademark owner??") that might make someone move a plugin to
 `pending` but doesn't necessarily mean they should be the reviewer.

 Leave it with me, I might see if it makes sense to adjust the
 `Publish`/`Pending` meta-box to integrate it.

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