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#6722: Support Forums: Timeframe to edit posts or to add further posts should be
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Comment (by zodiac1978):

 > Actually we have a way to make private notes in the forums. That's how
 the current URL field works.

 Yes, but the current URL field is not editable after one hour and after
 that hour there is no way to add the URL in a non-public way. Correct?
 Requests for deleting URLs could be solved with making just the URL
 editable. Although this link could be abused also ...

 > Making a custom URL hidden from view available for all posts in a topic
 is a nice idea, that would be a good thing to bring up and see if it's
 feasible. It probably is. Would that be about right?

 Should I open a new ticket for that? Or should we discuss it in a meeting
 beforehand to refine the idea?

 > I'm leery about allowing nod-moderators the ability to reply to long
 closed posts. Historically speaking, developers are just as likely to flip
 out and attack users as users are to devs :( I wish that wasn't a thing,
 but (again) we're all humans and we have feelings that cannot be

 I understand you and from my POV as support rep for a plugin this would
 have been helpful in some threads. But the amount of problems obviously
 don't outweigh this advantage.

 > "Allowing Edits until a Reply" has one flaw - the current system can
 notify any of a plugin/theme's followers 'So and so made a post!' Allowing
 infinite edits can turn into a plugin's support rep getting an email about
 a thing that has little information ...

 Yes, the 1 hour edit timeframe has the same flaw and I had more than one
 time the situation of insulting or otherwise bad mail notifications which
 are changed afterward and not online anymore. Infinite edits until reply
 would obviously make this problem worse.


 Although I understand all those issues, I feel a little sad about not
 optimizing things because there are people out there who want to trick the
 system and/or harass people. Too bad.

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