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#7171: Improve moderator experience
 Reporter:  coffee2code      |      Owner:  coffee2code
     Type:  task (blessed)   |     Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:
Component:  Photo Directory  |   Keywords:
 Moderating a photo involves assessing and possibly assigning values for a
 number of fields. It can be easy to overlook things, so the admin
 interface should provide cues to the moderator for those things that
 especially need attention. Also, interface elements that don't need
 assessment or shouldn't be used should be removed to reduce the clutter
 and streamline the moderation experience.

 This is a bit of a catch-all ticket as I implement a few things I already
 have in mind, and for future related changes. These include:

 From admin listing of photos:
 - Remove the 'Colors' column from the listing of photos in the queue.
 Colors are no longer auto-assigned, so this column is almost always blank
 in this view.

 For editing a photo post:
 - Require assignment of at least a term for all custom taxonomies
 (category, color, orientation, tag) before allowing publication.[[BR]]None
 of the custom taxonomies should be empty. Report a failed publication
 - Hide the "Orientations" metabox.[[BR]]The value for this custom taxonomy
 is automatically set on upload and shouldn't need changing as long as a
 value got set.
 - Highlight photo description when empty.[[BR]]Every photo should have a
 - Highlight taxonomy metaboxes lacking any set terms.[[BR]]This should be
 dynamic and remove the highlight once a term is assigned, and highlight if
 all existing terms are removed.
 - Hide the 'Author' metabox.[[BR]]Reassignment of a photo submitter will
 likely never need to happen. If necessary, this can still be done, but
 doesn't need to always be shown. Details about the contributor are already
 shown in the 'Photo Contributor' metabox.
 - Remove the "+ New {term}" functionality for custom taxonomies when
 editing a photo.[[BR]]Category, color, and orientation terms are pre-
 configured and shouldn't be added on the fly. They can be added from the
 custom taxonomy management pages.
 - Force use of the text editor.[[BR]]There is no need to facilitate making
 use of visual elements since no markup should be used.
 - Remove 'Add Media' button and the quicktags toolbar for the text
 editor.[[BR]]Media shouldn't be added here, nor markup used.
 - Prevent creation of new photo posts within the admin.[[BR]]Only the
 frontend submission form should be used. This should remove the 'Add New'
 photo button in various places.

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