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#6122: Allow for retraction before moderation
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Comment (by coffee2code):

 A reasonable request, though I wonder how often this would arise,
 especially since we don't show what the submitted picture is after the
 fact (see #6121 for why). Were #6121 to have been implemented this would
 make better sense. Otherwise, it seems the most likely scenario would be
 someone selected a photo, uploaded it, then immediately realized they just
 uploaded something they didn't mean to.

 I would have concerns about its potential abuse: a user who updates a
 photo, retracts it, and then just keeps repeating the process. There are
 bandwidth and computational resources to consider (unlikely as the case
 may be).

 The simplest thing would be to add clear guidance for contributors to
 reach out via Slack or email if they've made a submission in error or need
 to update the description, etc.

 We could allow the user to flag an unmoderated submission of theirs for
 retraction. (The photo would continue to occupy a moderation slot until a
 mod, who will be clearly alerted to the contributor's retraction request,
 removes the submission.) This just seems like a lot of unnecessary effort
 all around.

 If we implemented immediate retraction, we'd need to add limits:
 - Limit each contributor to a certain number of retractions within a 24
 hour period (i.e. 1 retraction).
 - And/or limiting contributors to a certain number of overall retractions,
 with one freebie to start and more earned per every N submissions (e.g. 1
 retraction per every 50 approvals; so a user with 200 approvals would have
 an allocation of 5 retractions, after which they would need more approvals
 in order to do more retractions).

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