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#6187: Photo Directory: oembed title is illegible
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Comment (by coffee2code):

 @sarayourfriend: For context, as you indicated, the title shown is in fact
 the title of the photo. It is not meant to be generally meaningful, but it
 is indeed unique and identifying. The input field when submitting a photo
 is intended as the caption, which is largely how it is currently used. (At
 present in some context, we do use the caption as ALT text.)

 The plan (see #6173) is to ultimately add a separate field for ALT text.

 Other than as the page title for single photo pages, titles aren't used or
 displayed (though they can be searched for).

 Is there benefit to adding a third input and having contributors supply
 another value? It does increase the onus on moderators to assess and
 potentially provide or improve a title.

 I would instead favor using the caption (or an excerpt of it if it is too
 long) as the `og:title` rather than specifically asking for a title.

 I fear separately asking for a title would mean it'd often be left blank
 (if allowed), or specified in place of providing a caption, or be the same
 text in both places.

 I also wonder if we'd complicate things by separately asking for title,
 caption, and ALT and needing to explain what those mean and possibly
 how/where they're used. (Because WP asks for these and more when adding
 images to the media gallery doesn't necessarily mean people understand it
 there any better or would properly specify each of the values.)

 Some questions I have:

 - Using the provided photo as an example, would "Green Moth" as the title
 with "Green Moth" as the caption (i.e. being repeated) be better than
 showing the generated title? My suggested approach (using the caption or
 its excerpt as the `og:title` would result in this. (A screenreader
 reading the generated title is certainly not great, but duplicate text
 read back-to-back isn't great either.)
 - Should the `<meta property="description">` and `<meta
 property="og:description">` be omitted to prevent duplication of the
 caption text when used as the `og:title`, or would doing so negatively
 affect SEO and/or screen reader experience?
 - Should/could we just omit the `og:title` for photos and leave everything
 else as-is?
 - What if a caption is not provided? Currently it is optional, and though
 both contributors and moderators are encouraged to provide one, it is not
 currently enforced and thus not guaranteed. In such a scenario, we have no
 basis for generating a meaningful title unless we require moderators to
 manually provide one.

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