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#6330: Give some priority to Block themes(FSE themes) in the WordPress themes
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Comment (by MatthiasReinholz):

 Just yesterday, I was looking for FSE-oriented themes. In the past years,
 I never looked at the theme section of WordPress.org and I got really
 confused by its design.

 As someone who uses the plugin section of WordPress.org very often, I was
 expecting a similar way to browse the themes. I can agree with the
 proposals above about adding better visibility for block based themes.
 Here are my additional ideas:

 **Better theme pages**
 The theme pages are not presenting any insightful information about the
 theme but only a small description text. This is a huge contrast to the
 plugin pages where the author can write an extensive readme and add
 When browsing the theme library, to me, there are two things that I want
 to know about a theme: 1) technical capabilities (what features does it
 support?) and 2) look and feel.
 I can't find meaningful information about both on the current theme pages
 before installing and testing a theme.

 **Optimized feature filter**
 There is already a filter function on the theme library. But honestly, the
 filter options are super confusing to me. There is a list of filters with
 some super narrow things such as "Front Page Posting" (what is that even?)
 or "Sticky Post" and on the other hand some much bigger topics such as
 "Translation Ready" or "Accessibility Ready".
 It was super hard to me to find the item "Full Site Editing". A quick
 solution could be to put all the block-related filters into a separate
 filter category. Alternatively, the FSE filter could be highlighted in
 bold and put to the top of the list.

 P.S.: thanks to @elmastudio for bringing up this topic on Twitter

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