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#6407: Add 301 redirect information to manifest
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 When updating a page for the block editor handbook, once in a while, the
 page's slug or URL
 * Single page's slug changes:
   ''block-filters'' to ''block-hooks''

 * Single page's parent folder changes
   ''**old:** reference-guides/filters/block-filters''
   ''**new:** reference-guides/hooks/block-hooks''

 * Two pages are combined into a third.
   ''**old:** reference-guides/filters/block-filters
  ** old:** reference-guides/filters/block-actions
   **new:** reference-guides/hooks/block-hooks''

 In all this cases, the import process would need to accommodate also 301
 redirects from the old pages to the new pages, so links to the old pages
 won't go dead.

 Currently, the manifest page object reads:

 "title": "Block Filters",
 "title": "Block Hooks",
 "slug": "block-filters",
 "markdown_source": "../docs/reference-guides/filters/block-filters.md",
 "parent": "filters",

 For the updated pages the manifest would look like this, with a possible
 new field "redirect_from"

 "title": "Block Filters",
 "title": "Block Hooks",
 "slug": "block-hooks",
 "markdown_source": "../docs/reference-guides/hooks/block-hooks.md",
 "parent": "hooks",

 Note: {{{redirect_from}}} is an array, in case it needs more than one
 value, to cover the third examples, when there needs a redirect from two
 old pages to a single new page.

 Then it would look something like this:

 {{{"redirect_from":["reference-guides/filters/block-filters", "reference-

 With this information, the import script could create the 301 redirect
 strings on when importing the new docs.

 Maybe new location string should have a "../docs/" for accuracy?

 I am not familiar where and how the magic works on server level for for
 the block editor handbook. So, there are still a few blind spots that need
 to be filled.

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