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#6330: Give some priority to Block themes(FSE themes) in the WordPress themes
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Comment (by luminuu):

 Replying to [comment:48 ilovewpcom]:
 > Replying to [comment:47 luminuu]:
 > Which is why the whole directory needs to be improved.

 Well I agree on this.

 > It's not right (or fair) to prioritize one type of themes,

 Have you ever looked at the plugin repository either on w.org or from a
 WordPress installation and ever wondered why plugins from Automattic are
 displayed under "Featured" or as very first results? Or why the default
 themes are on popular results too? Apart from the fact that this is a
 whole different thing to discuss, it's not about changing the priority,
 this topic is about enhancing the discoverability of block themes. Just
 because it was mentioned earlier, it feels like the majority of people is
 agreeing that it should be a separate filter setting instead of a change
 in the algorithm.

 > when many of them aren't even production-ready.

 I think I know what you're ranting about here, but that's another topic
 for discussion.

 > Funneling all WordPress users towards an unfinished and clunky product
 won't do anyone any good. WordPress is not known for its elegant UI, and
 this will make things worse. WordPress users are not guinea pigs to force
 Gutenberg and FSE on them at every step. Let this process take its natural

 It is okay to criticise the product and have a negative opinion on it, but
 it doesn't really helping this topic and this discussion here.

 > **Address the whole issue instead**: improve the directory, better theme
 tags and search, implement the things that we have been waiting for 10+
 > Multiple screenshots, descriptions with markup, better readmes, links to
 documentation and maybe even custom demos.
 > With all these in place, both classic and FSE themes will have all the
 necessary tools to attract their  target audience.

 How about searching the Trac if there's already a ticket on this
 somewhere, or opening a new one with this topic to further discuss?

 > If this many Automattic employees (with 0 themes in the repo) are so
 worried about the state of the themes repo, then maybe a few resources
 could be allocated to improving the whole system.
 > Don't take the food from one starving person to feed another.

 Again, another topic to discuss but not on this ticket.

 This will be my last reply for this discussion, let's get back to the
 original topic of this.

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