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#6401: Add verification for the user names in the "Props" in commit messages
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Comment (by dd32):

 > is that possible?

 Anything is possible.

 However, there's been plenty of times where a props list cannot be 100%
 WordPress.org usernames, such as when it's a Gutenberg "merge" and the
 GitHub users do not have a linked/known WordPress.org username, or where
 it's a PR merged from GitHub where unknown-WordPress.org users were
 commenting - https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/53429 is an example
 of that, where `teunvgisteren` and `timkersten655` are GitHub usernames
 which we don't know their WordPress.org usernames for (if they even

 This would require us to force/require the very specific `Props $user1[,
 $user_n]*.` format though, which would be a good thing, because the
 props parser] (make.wordpress.org/core admin access required) often has
 issues parsing older commits where that format wasn't used.. although it
 usually is today.

 https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/53395 is an example of where a
 username was typo'd, extra `o` in `thijsoo`.

 https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/48072 is an example of where a
 username was not known, and a full name was used instead (There's two of
 them in the props list).

 (Sorry, not picking on any individual committer, these were just the first
 examples that came up)

 I guess if this is something that's wanted, the process would be something
 like this:
  - Parse message, if `^Props .+$` is present continue
  - If `SKIP CHECKING NAMES` is present, remove it from the message and
 stop processing, allow commit to continue.
  - Validate users match expected accounts
  - If validated: Proceed with commit.
  - If not: Abort commit with debug output specifying "$user in props list
 not found" for each affected user, link to commit message formatting
 guides, and "To ignore this warning, include 'SKIP CHECKING NAMES' in your
 commit message".

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