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Fri Feb 18 05:33:11 UTC 2022

#6116: Slack webhooks should be switched to a Slack App
 Reporter:  dd32         |      Owner:  (none)
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 Currently WordPress.org slack uses multiple outgoing webhooks for various

 One of the main ones is to provide Trac integration into Slack, for
 example, we have a webhook for each major channel configured to
 `https://api.wordpress.org/dotorg/slack/trac-bot.php?token=` which
 provides the ticket embeds when you mention `#6116` in a slack channel.

 There's several problems here:
  1. Slack has deprecated the webhooks we're using
  2. A new webhook has to be added for every individual channel
  3. The webhook integrations are all owned by different Slack Admins,
 which can cause some interesting results when the user disconnects their
  4. I can't find the specific webhook amongst these 60 that I wanted to
 modify without going through multiple pages multiple times.

 Slack Apps can have a single webhook that receives pings for all messages
 in all channels, instead of having to specify it individually. We
 currently have another Slack app installed which operates in that exact

 We also have a number of incoming webhooks which are used to post various
 data points to Slack, the above restrictions also apply to those, although
 they can post in any public channel.
 There is another limitation in that if an incoming webhook is owned by
 $user and is used to post to a private channel, if that user leaves the
 private channel the webhook ceases to work.

 ''This ticket is just to keep it in mind that this should be done at some

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