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#6094: Edited plugin reviews should rise to the top
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 It seems to me that there should be a mechanism whereby a person can
 ''meaningfully'' update an old plugin review, or create a new one, if the
 plugin has changed significantly. But this does not currently seem to be
 the case.

 One year+ ago, I gave a 5 Star review to a plugin which deserved it.
 Recently the plugin changed hands (and name) and the plugin itself was
 changed for the worse. I ''was'' able to edit my review, and change my
 Star rating in order to more accurately review the new version. I assumed
 this would bring the review to the top of the list, but that was not so.

 Buried pages down, it is basically useless, except for the statistics
 about total reviews, because no one will dig through pages of reviews to
 read an old one. What’s more, the date of the review was not updated, so
 it is inaccurate in the sense that it does not apply to the version that
 was available a year ago.

 And because of its age, the “topic is closed” so I cannot add a comment to
 bring it to the top to reflect the new content. Because I already created
 a review for the (old version of) the plugin, I naturally cannot create a
 new review (about the new version.)

 Does anyone else see this as a problem? Shouldn’t an edited review rise to
 the top, or at least have an option to somehow make it do so?

 I suppose there's a rub here. Perhaps the edit was minor - a spelling
 correction or similar - which wouldn't necessarily warrant rising to the
 top. But that kind of change would not likely be done a year later, so I
 don't suppose it would hurt. Also, I suppose you'd need to have a way that
 wouldn't allow people to abuse the feature, in order to bump up their
 topic just by editing it slightly.

 Perhaps this: On an old locked review topic, there is currently no
 "Report" option. Perhaps if the original topic starter ''could'' "Report"
 the topic as a way to ask a mod to allow it to rise to the top or be
 commented on again, that would be a solution?

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