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Mon Feb 7 05:00:34 UTC 2022

#6087: Provide a GitHub Integration for Plugins
 Reporter:  dd32              |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement       |     Status:  new
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 Many developers use GitHub to develop their plugins, and only use SVN as a
 deployment destination.

 In order to "modernise" the plugin developer experience, being able to
 document a GitHub workflow along side the SVN flow, that doesn't require a
 user to share their WordPress.org password with GitHub or another 3rd-
 party service would be beneficial.

 There's an existing GitHub Action which simply commits to SVN,
 https://github.com/10up/action-wordpress-plugin-deploy but that requires
 storing the committers password on GitHub, which not all are comfortable

 I'm not sure how this would be best implemented, there's multiple options:
  - Sync a plugin release on GitHub to plugins.svn automatically
  - Treat the GitHub location as the primary source, and pull directly from
 there with no plugins.svn integration
  - Provide a GitHub action that worked with a token and and API from #6096
 to upload a release ZIP

 Then there's also how to implement it:
  - Manual GitHub Action configuration required by the plugin author
  - GitHub App to install to the Repo, oAuth's against GitHub and W.org to
 authorize itself, and takes care of spawning actions as needed
  - GitHub App that installs the GitHub action, sets the token, and then
 doesn't do anything further.

 I'm marking this as `low` priority as there exists an existing GHA for
 this that works, and there's likely other steps that would need to be done
 first to allow it (ie. Ability to oAuth against the dotorg account, or for
 an API to upload via to exist, etc).

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