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#6079: Clearer thread URLs and email notifications
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Comment (by dd32):

 Whether or not they're individual forums is irrelevant here. Let's not
 argue data-store semantics here.

 > Support thread URLs do not contain the slug of the forum (e.g. plugin
 name) they apply to. This makes them less useful when trying to recall the
 issue involved

 There are some limitations here due to bbPress and how we've implemented
 the individual plugin forums, but this is a worthwhile suggestion that we
 could definitely look into.

 It would also make it clearer as to what forum a thread is in for the
 other forums, ie. fixing-wordpress/404-page-23 or alpha-beta/404-page-22.

 The major limitation here is that we've got literally hundreds of
 thousands of threads, and changing the URL to each and every one of them
 has some serious SEO implications.

 > As a matter of fact, both of these already redirect successfully to the
 official URL. Why not have a more meaningful/useful official URL, or, at
 the very least, use it in email messages?

 The URLs aren't supposed to work, technically, but what's happening is the
 404 handler is being triggered to detect the likely non-typo'd page you
 wanted - and it'll be correct most of the time.

 So using them just within emails wouldn't be exactly be ideal, but we
 could look at potentially changing it for threads going forward or

 > Email notifications about thread updates also show no indication if the
 forum they're in. Again, this makes recall difficult sometimes.

 #2016 handled that at one quite some time ago..

 The emails appear to be in the format of.. `[WordPress.org Forums] [Plugin
 Name] Thread Title here` for most emails though, but you're right, the
 prefix is redundant. Removing it might break some email filters though.

 Are you still getting emails that don't have the plugin included in the
 title? Can you provide me an example? (You can forward it to me - you
 should have one of my emails) It might be that it's not applying the
 prefix in some edge-case.

 > Using the forum name (e.g. Plugin: Embed Plus Plugin for YouTube, with
 YouTube Gallery, Channel, Playlist, Live Stream, Facade) may be too long,
 but slugs are normally OK

 Ugh, plugins that are doing that need to get a ban-hammer thrown on them
 :) Use your plugin name, and stop trying to game the search indexes..
 That's a whole other topic, and one that is ongoing.

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