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Thu Apr 21 01:32:52 UTC 2022

#6287: Improve the new layout of Make/P2 blogposts email notifications
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Comment (by dd32):

 Added an attachment showing the new emails.

 > I believe this would be the site icon if defined. The make sites appear
 not to have this set so I think something that we can do on the meta side
 of the coin.

 As shown, The accessibility site has an icon defined, but the Core blog

 I don't think we had a reason to set this previously, but we do have a
 filter to alter other Jetpack images, such as the default share image,

 >> In my opinion, the "Optimized by Jetpack" link at the bottom is fine
 > I say leave it, if for no other reason, there is not a Jetpack
 feature/option to remove it.

 Agreed, it's one of the unfortunate side-effects we have of using Jetpack
 functionality, we can't alter the emails :)

 Worth noting that it looks like it's AB tested, as I get "Powered by
 Jetpack" which makes more sense.

 > > Remove the two unappropriate Apps buttons at the bottom (I believe
 they are pretty useless, but I can be mistaken!)
 > I didn't get an e-mail from make/core (I follow via RSS, not via
 e-mail). Which app do the links direct to?

 It looks like it's the Jetpack App, eg,
 `https://jetpack.com/app?campaign=email_ios_badge` which IIRC is a
 redirect to the App store if on a supported device, otherwise to the
 Jetpack info page about the app.

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