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Thu Apr 21 01:09:12 UTC 2022

#6287: Improve the new layout of Make/P2 blogposts email notifications
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Comment (by kraftbj):

 > Change the sender email address (<donotreply at wordpress.com>) to a dotorg
 domain name

 Noting that this has been the sender for a long time. The e-mails are sent
 from the WordPress.com system (via the Jetpack subscriptions feature), so
 it's accurate in terms of identifying the sending server (Jetpack
 Subscriptions does not offer a feature to send on behalf of a site).

 > Replace the Jetpack logo at the top of the email with a WP logo (or
 simply just remove it, as it would be better for the general layout of the

 I believe this would be the site icon if defined. The make sites appear
 not to have this set so I think something that we can do on the meta side
 of the coin.

 > In my opinion, the "Optimized by Jetpack" link at the bottom is fine,
 but I wouldn't disagree is someone would ask to remove it to make it more
 "dotorg-friendly" :-)

 I say leave it, if for no other reason, there is not a Jetpack
 feature/option to remove it. :-). In all seriousness, open to hearing
 other thoughts on it and relaying that feedback as well.

 > Remove the two unappropriate Apps buttons at the bottom (I believe they
 are pretty useless, but I can be mistaken!)

 I didn't get an e-mail from make/core (I follow via RSS, not via e-mail).
 Which app do the links direct to? If the WordPress app, the site reader
 functionality within it could make sense. If it is the Jetpack app, IMO,
 I'm not sure how it is helpful since that's more for site admins than site
 visitors. I can pass that feedback to the team at Automattic working on
 the e-mails.

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