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#6188: Language Pack generation: trigger on plugin update
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Comment (by dd32):

 > We gave this a try and it failed. The language packs were not generated
 until we pushed the plugin version update (the tagging didn't trigger
 language pack regeneration).

 Correct, the way translate.wordpress.org currently works, is that there's
 a Stable project, and a Develop project.

 The stable is where language packs come from, and there isn't a way to
 have the stable project show the upcoming releases strings until all of
 the processes are run (See Ocean's comment above)

 > A more complex/complete solution would be when a plugin is updated with
 new JS strings/files, delay releasing on .org until the language packs
 have been regenerated. This would solve for all cases automatically. Is
 something like that even feasible?

 This is definitely something that could be made to happen, but there's
 other short-comings in the system, we don't really have anything that
 allows for an "upcoming release" in a way which would work with our
 translation system process. Release Confirmation exists, but it's still
 not an "Upcoming release" / Beta release type versioning thing that we'd
 need for this.

 Delaying the plugin release (max 1hr perhaps) until translation packages
 are built is a reasonable option, and one that I would probably be in
 favour of (At least, for plugins who currently have at least one language
 with >90% translation status).

 We might not be able to delay the release of the plugin, but we might be
 able to delay the update notifications for a plugin, to allow time for the
 packages to be built..

 There isn't exactly a straight forward easy option here with the way
 everything interacts, and how most of it is triggered by a SVN commit (and
 we have to wait, because often committers follow it up with another commit
 15 minutes later as part of it...), that's why it's not just been an easy-

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