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#5910: Block Directory: Plugins are suggested for missing core blocks
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 See https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/54113. When a core block is
 unregistered, but still used in the content, the missing block search can
 turn up unexpected results.

 In the core ticket, the `core/gallery` block is unregistered. On a post
 with an existing gallery block, the missing block suggests they install
 [https://wordpress.org/plugins/thron/ THRON]. This is because the THRON
 plugin re-registers a few `core/*` blocks, and these are picked up as
 "blocks provided by THRON". This plugin doesn't actually provide the
 gallery block, though, it's just a method of overriding the render

 Usually, when a block is missing, the editor searches the block directory
 for suggestions. In this case, the editor searches for any block-plugins
 or plugins that provide the `core/gallery` blockā€¦ and returns THRON.
 Installing this plugin won't fix the block error, though.

 I think we have a few possibilities here, and can do any number of them:

 - In the editor (gutenberg), don't run the block suggestion code if the
 block is `core/*`
 - In the wporg API, always return an empty result for `core/*` blocks
 - When processing block-directory blocks, skip `core/*`, so they aren't
 added as `block_name` meta values (and thus won't be returned in the API)

 We already have a validation rule that prevents block-plugins from using
 the `core` namespace, but
 plugins.php#L85 the API falls back to any plugin with blocks]. Maybe it
 shouldn't do that?

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