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#5581: Consolidating setup of local Dev environment documentation and testing
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Comment (by paaljoachim):

 To begin the road to consolidating a setup for core and Gutenberg I need
 to know how both are done. The following are instructions for core. I will
 below that add instructions for Gutenberg.

 I have with help from @hellofromtonya updated the testing instructions for
 setting up a local WP dev environment + testing trac tickets.

 Setting up a local Development Environment for WordPress core.

 1- Open Terminal.

 2- Install homebrew by pasting

 /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL

 You might be asked if you want to install the Xcode Command Line Tools.
 Confirm yes.

 3- Install Git by typing: brew install git

 4- Install Docker by downloading the app here:
 Or in terminal install Docker by typing:
 brew cask install docker

 If that does not work type:
 brew install cask docker

 5- In terminal. Install Node by typing:
 brew install node

 6- Open the Docker app on your computer and ignore the welcome screen that
 tells you to create a container.

 7- Clone the Github repository. Go to https://github.com/WordPress
 Click the green button (Code) at the top of the repository.   Copy the
 HTTPS URL. https://github.com/WordPress/wordpress-develop.git
 In terminal type:
 git clone https://github.com/WordPress/wordpress-develop.git

 8- Go to the directory where you cloned the repo.
 Type: cd wordpress-develop to locate it.

 9- Now type these 4 commands.
 npm install

 npm run build:dev

 npm run env:start

 npm run env:install

 10. You should now be able to access the development version of WordPress
 at http://localhost:8889/.
 Login with using
 username: **admin**
 password: **password**

 Testing a trac ticket.

 An example trac ticket:

 Open terminal. Type:
 npm run grunt patch:43890

 The trac ticket number to be tested.
 After inserting the command an option will show up to where one can select
 which patch to test. With the up and down arrows on your keyboard select
 the newest patch.

 Login to your local WordPress site: http://localhost:8889/ with
 username: admin
 password: password

 Check the results of the patch.


 1.Uninstall Homebrew.
 In terminal type:

 /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL

 Type y to confirm.
 Type your password.

 Uninstall Docker.
 Open Docker and go to the Dashboard.
 Click the bug icon button seen in the top blue bar.
 Click the Uninstall button.
 Then drag the Docker app to your trash can.

 Skip uninstalling Docker.
 (If you do not want to remove Docker. Then follow these steps.)
 Uninstall WordPress developer environment
 In terminal type:
 npm run env:reset

 This will uninstall the Docker image and all the virtual discs it creates.

 3.Delete wordpress-develop
 Open the user folder in the root the wordpress-develop folder is located.
 Select it and drag it to the trash can.

 One resource I used:

Ticket URL: <https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5581#comment:3>
Making WordPress.org <https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/>
Making WordPress.org

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