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#5979: The table of contents is no longer displayed
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 I'm co-leader of the French WordPress documentation and I've noticed for a
 few weeks that when we publish new translated posts, the posts don't offer
 the table of contents anymore.
 For example:
 published on October 29, 2021 displays the table of contents but
 published on October 31 no longer displays it.
 All posts published after October 31, 2021 no longer show the table of
 I observe the same problem for some posts in the English documentation.
 For example: https://wordpress.org/support/article/new-to-wordpress-where-
 to-start/ or https://wordpress.org/support/article/wordpress-features/

 Moreover, as soon as you update a post (older) which displayed the table
 of contents, once the update is done the table of contents is not
 displayed anymore.
 Example: https://fr.wordpress.org/support/article/glossary/ modified today
 December 6, 2021.

 I tried to compare these posts to see what could be a problem, and I don't
 see anything different in the Hn tags.

 Example for h2 and h3 tags:
 in https://fr.wordpress.org/support/article/appearance-customize-screen/

 <!-- wp:heading -->
 <h2 id="basic-use">basic-use</h2>
 <!-- /wp:heading -->
 <!-- wp:heading {"level":3} -->
 <h3 id="how-to-open-the-customization-tool">How to open the customization
 <!-- /wp:heading -->

 in https://fr.wordpress.org/support/article/theme-base-sur-des-blocs/

 <!-- wp:heading -->
 <h2 id="what-is-a-block-based-theme">What is a block-based
 theme ?</h2>
 <!-- /wp:heading -->
 <!-- wp:heading {"level":3} -->
 <h3 id="edit-templates-via-dashboard-templates-screen">Editing templates
 via the Dashboard Templates screen</h3>
 <!-- /wp:heading -->

 Finally, the style of the level 3 headings is different depending on
 whether the post displays a table of contents or not.
 If the post doesn’t have a table of contents, the h3 headings are

 I can provide the source of posts that don’t have a table of contents or
 search for other information if needed.

 With @audrasjb, we think that the problem comes from an incompatibility
 between WP 5.9 and the extension that creates the table of contents.

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