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Sun Aug 1 19:48:05 UTC 2021

#5847: Remove dead sites from Showcase
 Reporter:  bradleyt  |      Owner:  (none)
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 I have noticed that the Showcase lists a number of sites which are either
 dead or unavailable and I´d like to suggest these are removed from the

 404 responses:

  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/blogtalkradio/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/venturebeat/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/ilivewithadisability-com/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/concordia-university/

 403 responses:

  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/paws-and-effect/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/iha/ (Note that this site is live when
 accessed directly, it appears the Showcase screenshot service is blocked)

 Original site no longer avialable:

  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/cookies-for-kids-cancer/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/vanderbilt-magazine/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/creative-ad-awards/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/fiu-cec/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/the-saucy-milliner/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/cutest-paw/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/concordia-university/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/the-american-foundation-for-equal-
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/stand-tall-education/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/java-traveler/

 No longer running WordPress:

  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/adobe-blogs/
  - https://wordpress.org/showcase/bbc-america/

 Nb: I only originally planned to report a couple of links, but then kept
 noticing more! Having looked through the sites currently in the showcase I
 have a lot of concern about the overall quality of showcase sites, and how
 these are monitored (or rather the lack of active monitoring and upkeep).
 I'll plan to open another ticket with some ideas for keeping on top of
 dead sites in the next few days.

 Related: https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5380

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