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Fri Sep 4 08:03:01 UTC 2020

#5412: Add offers for 'release-candidate' and 'beta' to Core API version check
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Comment (by dd32):

 @afragen I've done some API work as an experiment, but I'm not going to
 deploy it late on a Friday :)

 I was thinking of.. introducing a `channel` parameter which accepts
 `stable` (default), `development` (default for >= $current_release),
 `branch-development`, `beta` and `rc`.
 When using that parameter, no `$wp_version` mangling should be used.

  - `stable`: Only stable releases.
  - `development`: Trunk nightlies (ie. trunk or 5.7-alpha when 5.5.x is
 stable and 5.6-RC3 is latest RC)
  - `branch-development`: Nightlies of the current branch - 5.5.2-alpha
 right now
  - `beta`: X.Y.Z+1 Beta/RCs, X.Y+1 Beta/RCs
  - `rc`: X.Y.Z+1 RCs, X.Y+1 RCs

 Example requests and what action it'd do:
  - `channel=beta&version=5.5.1` will return the beta/RC/stable when added.
 ie. 5.5.2-**RC**1, 5.6-**beta**1, 5.5.2, 5.6
  - `channel=rc&version=5.5.1` will return the RC/stable when added. ie.
 5.5.2-**RC**1, 5.6-**RC**1, 5.5.2, 5.6
  - `channel=development&version=5.5.1` will push it to trunk nightlies ie.
  - `channel=branch-development&version=5.5.1` will push it to nightly
 releases of 5.5.2-alpha
  - `channel=branch-development&version=5.4` will also go to 5.5.2-alpha,
 rather than sticking on the old branch

 When I deploy it, I'll include a parameter to simulate extra releases
 being made (ie. the API returns a response believing that 5.6-RC1 has been
 released when it hasn't) for initial testing and the intention to remove
 it after a bit..

 Does that sound reasonable to you?

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