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Wed Nov 18 08:16:40 UTC 2020

#30: Make better theme test data for display in the theme directory.
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Comment (by dd32):

 Replying to [comment:69 aristath]:
 > What is stopping us from allowing that on ALL themes?

 As stated in the commit:
 > > This is currently limited to the 3 default themes which support
 starter content while evaluating how well this works, and finding what
 this doesn't work with.

 Testing that it works properly, and the fact I had to do
 content.php?marks=463-470#L444 hackery to make it work for 2020/2021].

 This can be enabled for other themes, but the priority was to get the
 WordPress themes looking good first, ironing out the bugs, and then
 enabling for other themes as it's proven to a) work and b) not require
 specific-theme hacks. I don't have the time right this instant to verify
 that enabling it for every theme won't cause immediate problems.

 > https://wp-themes.com/twentytwentyone/ (edit: The 2021 preview isn't yet
 available, since the theme's not on the Theme repo yet, but it looks

 That now works, I added some logic to load it from the Core SVN checkout
 rather than from themes.svn when a default theme isn't found.

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