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#4518: Plan: translation discussions/feedback
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Comment (by coreymckrill):

 Given that these feedback discussions should include automatic
 notifications to interested parties, and they should be public, a bbPress
 forum seems like the best way to go. There are a couple of different ways
 that might work for implementation:

 * Use the existing bbPress forums on the Rosetta sites, as suggested
 earlier in this ticket.
     * Pros: Forums are already set up on most/all sites. The forum UI is
 translated into the locale of that site.
     * Cons: The interaction between GlotPress and bbPress would need to be
 via the REST API, since they are running on separate sites. bbPress does
 not currently have REST API endpoints enabled. Also, each locale is a
 separate installation of bbPress, which could add complexity if there are
 configuration differences between the sites.
 * Enable bbPress on translate.wordpress.org
     * Pros: GlotPress and bbPress code can run side-by-side during the
 same request, with no need to develop REST API endpoints. There would only
 be one bbPress instance to manage. The feedback discussions would be
 "closer" to the translation tools, since they would share the same domain
 in the URL.
     * Cons: GlotPress is currently configured to be accessed from the root
 of the site (via `define( 'GP_URL_BASE', '' )`), so rendering the front
 end bbPress UI is probably not possible without some kind of modification
 to GlotPress.

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