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Fri Jun 26 11:37:54 UTC 2020

#5289: Remove Core from the channels that are auto-joined on Slack
 Reporter:  carike       |      Owner:  (none)
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 This idea was discussed during the New Contributor Meeting and during Dev
 You can view the logs here:
 https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02RQBWTW/p1593031304279100 (a Slack
 account is required).

 Core is a very large channel.
 It is also a channel that includes a large number of technically-minded

 It is difficult to help orientate new users in a very task-focused
 environment because one wants to be respectful of the time of thousands of
 This can lead to a stressful experience for the new contributor, who may
 feel silly or like they are a bother for asking their question in the
 wrong place, as well as for experienced contributors, who genuinely want
 to help direct them to the right place (using the fewest possible
 messages) without being rude or impatient.

 One aspect that @sergey brought up that I did not personally consider, is
 that it could also help promote inclusivity by helping people understand
 that there are lots of ways to contribute to WordPress and that
 contributions to Core are not more important.

 A number of proposals were brought up during the meeting, including a bot-
 based welcome channel.
 While I am definitely in favour of some automation (as well as clear
 documentation), I would caution that we should not forget that the reason
 these new contributors (particularly those mistakenly looking for support
 for their WP installation there instead of on the forums), came to Slack
 because they wanted to speak to a human.
 As such, I would propose that we don't "close" the channel to make it like
 SlackBot, but leave the opportunity for folks from marketing, community
 and any other contributor who enjoys meeting new people, to still be able
 to interact with new people and help them find the right place - even if
 that place isn't Slack.

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