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#2214: Forums: Automate Support badges
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Comment (by carike):

 Automation of forum badges have recently been discussed on Slack here:
 and here:

 The Forums Team currently awards two badges:
 1. Support Contributor badge;
 2. Support Team badge.

 There is consensus that the Support Team badge should be awarded
 automatically when moderator status is awarded, either on the
 international forums, or on a Rosetta site.

 It seems that the easiest way to do this, would be to hook on to a change
 in the forum role in bbPress.
 This is just a concept, I still need to check the available hooks for
 add_action ( 'change_forum_role', 'consider_support_team_badge', 10, 2);
 Array of eligible roles:
 $eligible_support_team_badge = ("moderator", "keymaster");
 by adding the following checks to the award_support_team_badge callback
 if ( in_array ($new_role, $eligible_support_team_badge) ) {
    *  Does a Support Team badge exist for this user?
    *  No?
    *  Award a Support Team badge. Yay!
 else {
    *  Does a Support Team badge exist for this user?
    *  Yes?
    *  Remove Support Team badge.
    * /

 Support Team badges should be removed when the person is no longer a

 If the person moderates in more than one forum, they would need to be re-
 added in the other forum in order to re-gain their Support Team badge if
 they will still be moderating in the other one (and want the badge).

 In terms of Support Contributor badges:

 The team favours a semi-automated system.

 Therefore I am proposing the following for your input:

 1. Create a new forum (closed to replies, only visible to logged-in users)
 under each locale, whether international or Rosetta;
 2. Each time a new post is created in bbPress, check if the user has a
 cumulative total of 400 or more posts **for that locale**;
 3. If the person has made 400 or more posts and a new topic does not exist
 for them yet, create a a new topic to the effect of "Congratulations!
 Username has replied 400 times!" Tag them in the post;
 4. During the weekly Support Team meeting on Slack, new threads can be
 discussed, whether on the international or Rosetta forums. This should
 also help to boost Rosetta attendance at these meetings;
 5. If the moderators agree that there is not a **compelling** reason **not
 to** award a badge at that stage (such as that a user mainly replied to
 their own topics), or that their replies are of a low quality, the topic
 would remain - and they should be placed on mod-watch, or some other
 onboarding process to help them improve. The topic would remain open and
 visible to anyone who is logged in to facilitate transparency and
 6. Automatically upon archiving a topic in that forum, the system should
 check if the user already has a Support Contributor badge. If they do not,
 a badge would be automatically awarded.

 This proposal would require 400 posts (this should be an aspirational, but
 achievable number) for a specific locale (any locale).
 I believe that calculating a contribution per locale should help to reduce
 complexity and make it possible to implement the proposal faster.

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