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#5303: Block plugin validation tool UI improvements
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Comment (by annezazu):

 Came here to provide feedback about the language and general experience of
 the block validator. JeffPaul pointed out much of what was on my mind
 above though! In any case, here's what's on my mind as general

 - It would be great to have more links to documentation or places to get
 help. Right now, the experience can feel a bit like a dead end otherwise.
 - Put priority on any "warnings" found so they show above any success
 message. It's odd to me how often there's both a message with warnings yet
 a "success" message. It's not clear to me if it's actually okay to ignore
 the warnings (more on this later)
 - Make the distinction between separate warnings clearer. Right now, it's
 a bit confusing that some of the warnings have an arrow to read more and
 - When reviewing block plugins with fatal errors, warnings, and the
 "problems were encountered" language it becomes really hard to know what
 to focus on. I'd recommend changing the visual of "problems were
 encountered" to make it more distinct from Fatal Errors. Right now, it
 looks like I need to resolve all three sections to proceed (warnings,
 problems were encountered,  fatal errors) when in actuality I just need to
 focus in on the fatal errors to start.
 - I might consider renaming "Warnings" to "Recommended Improvements" and
 "Fatal Errors" to "Blockers". This depends on whether warnings are
 actually blockers though!

 >This tool will help determine if a WordPress block plugin is suitable for
 inclusion in the Block Directory. Enter a SVN repository URL, Github URL,
 or plugin slug to check. Please note this is a work in progress.

 To call out a specific example, it would be great to link to some wider
 context from the start. Perhaps even linking to this recent post for now
 would be helpful:


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