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#5303: Block plugin validation tool UI improvements
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Comment (by JeffPaul):

 I've been testing the [https://wordpress.org/plugins/developers/block-
 plugin-validator/ Block Plugin Validator] the last two days with our
 [https://wordpress.org/plugins/maps-block-apple/ Block for Apple Maps]
 plugin and wanted to share the following feedback (note that I'm testing
 on Firefox 78.0.1.):

 1. Widen the text field for "Plugin repo URL" so the entire helper text
 1. Link to plugin source for the specific revision (in the case of my
 sample plugin that would be to https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser
 /maps-block-apple?rev=2338279) as this will allow inspection of the plugin
 code in comparison to the block validator results.

 1. I see SUCCESS and a nice green-highlighted message so it looks like I'm
 all set, except the copy makes it sound like there are additional steps I
 need to take ("No problems were found. Your plugin has passed the first
 step towards being included in the Block Directory.").  Only its not clear
 what those steps are.  Having details on what happens next is helpful to
 understand if there's more I need to do or if its now sitting with some
 other team (PRT perhaps?).
 1. There are WARNINGS and NOTES sections each with items called out with
 "More about this." links that in some cases don't hyper/anchor link to
 anything in particular.  If there's help needed on copy for those links
 I'm happy to help draft those, but having something that is linked to for
 those would be helpful.
 1. Its unclear if the WARNINGS are things I need to resolve in order for
 our block to appear in the Block Directory, but I'd assume things are ok
 as there are no "ERRORS" which would tell me I still have things to fix.
 If the WARNINGS need to be resolved, it would be helpful to know.
 1. On the [https://wordpress.org/plugins/developers/block-plugin-
 validator/ Block Validator Help page], the "Block scripts" section has
 copy that stops mid-sentence.  Getting that clarified will be helpful.
 1. In trying to find more details on what is needed for our block plugin
 to appear in the Block Directory I've searched for and found several
 different markdown pages on GitHub
 /submitting-to-block-directory.md#step-2-analyze-your-plugin Share your
 Block with the World],
 registration.md#keyword Block Type Registration RFC], and
 developers/developers/block-api/block-registration.md Block Registration])
 each of which provide information that would ideally live in the
 [https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/ Plugin Handbook] as the
 canonical source of information where developers go to learn about
 crafting their plugins (in this case a block plugin).  I suspect that for
 most plugin developers that it is not immediately obvious to find the
 right markdown file in the right branch in the Gutenberg GitHub repo to
 figure out what's needed for their block plugin to appear in the Block

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