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Fri Feb 28 23:11:14 UTC 2020

#5072: Forum posts should prefetch gravatar.com
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Comment (by coffee2code):

 Is `gprofiles.js` used solely for Gravatar hovercards? If so, then do we
 even need this script reference?

 The only place that I can think of that uses hovercards is the wporg-
 breathe theme (used for the Make sites). That theme includes the JS file
 itself via `https://secure.gravatar.com/js/gprofiles.js` (courtesy of
 Jetpack) (in the code below you can see how the global `gprofiles.js` is
 excluded due to 'grofiles-cards' being queued).

 Other places that display Gravatars are the support forum individual topic
 pages, individual plugin pages, and individual profile pages. In all
 cases, a Gravatar image from `//secure.gravatar.com` is used without
 hovercard support.

 Locally I removed the following lines from the (closed-source) global
 `header.php` file and haven't noticed any difference so far in behavior
 regarding Gravatar functionality around the ecosystem.

 if ( ! function_exists( 'wp_script_is' ) || ! wp_script_is( 'grofiles-
 cards', 'queue' ) ) :
 <script type="text/javascript"

 Am I overlooking something?

 Seems we can:

 1. Remove the above global header inclusion of `gprofiles.js`
 2. Add a prefetch for `<link rel='dns-prefetch'
 href='//secure.gravatar.com' />` (Should this be done simply for
 everywhere in an unconditional basis via the global header, or on a site-
 by-site basis depending on Gravatar usage?)

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