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#5552: Allow mods to hide moderator badge
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Comment (by dd32):

 > Yes.

 I concur.

 > The simplest solution would be to introduce a postmeta option, and a
 checkbox that's only available when making a topic/review/reply with the
 moderator capabilities.

 That's what I was thinking, perhaps with it retaining it's checked status
 (ie. if you check it, your next reply it'll be checked, if you unchecked
 it, it'll be unchecked on next reply).. But with this next part, maybe
 that's not needed..

 > Thinking even further, should it maybe be reversed "I am posting in an
 official capacity", this might need more discussing, but my reasoning is
 simple: The less "moderator heavy" replies are, the more likely it is that
 others would be willing to participate, as it would look more like a
 community effort, and less like a team one, to provide support for users?

 That's a good topic to bring up, and it turns out I was thinking the same
 thing, I just hadn't realised it.
 Working in the forums over the past week, it feels like when a moderator
 is posting in a thread, it's just the Mod and the OP.. Maybe that's
 because the Mod covers everything, but perhaps it's because others feel
 like they're already being helped there..

 Moderators could still have Mod mentioned in their user title, but they
 just wouldn't get the big blue highlight unless they're posting in an
 "official" manner..

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