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#4716: Improve translations for gutenberg mobile
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 Gutenberg mobile, the native version of Gutenberg, is currently part of
 the gutenberg repository even though it has a custom build and custom
 dependencies (that currently live outside in its own repository
 https://github.com/wordpress-mobile/gutenberg-mobile but are meant to move
 into gutenberg in the near future)

 The problem we currently have is that the command run to generate the POT
 file for gutenberg, `wp i18n make-pot`, takes the plugin file as input. As
 a result, strings from the *.native.js files that mobile uses are not
 getting uploaded to the gutenberg GlotPress project (because they’re not a
 part of the build for the web side).

 We'd like to figure out a solution to get the strings from the *.native.js
 files uploaded to GlotPress. We see two options at this point

 (a) Gutenberg mobile gets its own GlotPress project and starts sending off
 its own translations to GlotPress independently of gutenberg (excluding
 anything that will get sent off by gutenberg to avoid duplication)

 (b) We update the GlotPress script that runs for gutenberg to take a
 custom POT file that includes both the web and native strings (Replacing
 `wp i18n make-pot` with `wp glotpress import-originals custom.pot`).

 We would prefer to go with (b) as having our own GlotPress project would
 add overhead in our deployment process and gets us further from our goal
 of merging the two repositories.

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