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#4767: Add beta/RC offers to core version API check
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Comment (by pbiron):

 My reasons for wanting this are two-fold:

 1. on the day betas/RCs are built when people are asked to test the
 packages before they are announced, most folks use `wp-cli` to install the
 packages.  Not everyone is comfortable using `wp-cli` (or able, for
 whatever reason, to use it on a particular site they want to install the
 beta/RC package on).  Being able to just click "Update Now" on the
 "WordPress Updates" screen would greatly increase the pool of people able
 to test the packages prior to release.
     * This goal would be satisfied by @dd32's "slightly different

 2. while this doesn't happen often, it has happened to me a few times: I
 install a beta/RC on a site and begin in-depth testing.  I find something
 that doesn't appear to work correctly but it's not easy to figure out why
 and so it will take a few days to really dig in and investigate.  When I
 do get back to it I can't reproduce what I thought was a problem and I
 spend considerable time trying to determine whether the problem
 disappeared because it was "data dependant" (e.g., only surfaces when
 there is a post with certain characteristics and in the mean time I've
 edited the post that showed the problem so that it no longer has those
 characteristics) or the site is on the `bleeding edge nightlies` stream
 and a commit after the beta/RC was released has fixed the problem
     * The fact that the problem was fixed by a subsequent commit that will
 be included in the next beta/RC is good for the project (as @dd32 points
 out), but being autoupdated to nightlies after the beta/RC is installed
 can complicate testing strategies
     * Hence, many times I want to keep a site on that particular beta/RC
 until the next one is released.
     * Of course, I (and others who are in my position) could simply
 disable the Beta Tester plugin on such sites after the beta/RC is updated
 to, but then we'd have to remember to re-activate it when the next beta/RC
 is released and it would be much simpler to just have a setting that says
 "don't autoupdate until the next beta/RC is available.

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