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Mon Nov 25 17:53:56 UTC 2019

#4875: Add bulk suspension and reinstating admin tool for themes
 Reporter:  dingo_d       |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
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Component:  Theme         |   Keywords:  has-patch dev-feedback 2nd-opinion
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 I've been working on this on and off in my spare time for some week or

 Theme review reps need better tools when working on suspending themes and
 reinstating them. Currently, we have a big issue if we find an author
 violating the rules and not fixing them in a timely manner so we need to
 suspend all of their themes. At the moment this is a lengthy process where
 you need to find all the themes, go and suspend one by one, then go to
 trac and send a message that the theme has been suspended for violating

 The proposed patch adds a way to suspend themes in bulk and also reinstate

 The workflow goes like this:

 All the themes that need to be suspended are found, selected and with a
 bulk action can be suspended. The theme rep will then be brought to a new
 suspension message screen where they can add the suspension reason and the
 duration of the suspension.

 This information is stored in a theme meta and can be visible in the theme
 edit screen. This also helps with keeping track of who suspended a theme
 and when in the past.

 In addition to that, a cron job is added which will be ran twice a day
 that will check all the suspended themes, and those that have the
 necessary metadata will be checked if they need to be reinstated
 (unsuspended). A permanent ban can be set with a super high suspension
 date (+1000 years).

 There is also Suspended Packages screen which holds all the suspended
 themes, and assorted data with them. Those can also be reinstated in bulk
 if necessary.

 Now I've added a call that would update the ticket on trac for the theme
 that is suspended. But this is where I need help from meta team with trac

 Ideally, we'd have 2 new statuses for the themes: `suspended` and
 `suspended-under-review`. When a theme is suspended, the last trac ticket
 should be changed to `suspended` and the author shouldn't be able to
 upload themes.
 Once suspension passes and we reinstate the themes, on reinstating the
 theme the new status should be `suspended-under-review` so that the
 changes can be updated, but the theme won't be set live. I think for this
 we might need a new post status in the admin so that we can differentiate

 Once the themes have been reviewed and fixed we'd approve them and set
 them live.

 The things that 've changed are:

         modified:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/admin-edit.php
         new file:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/assets/suspend-
         modified:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/class-wporg-themes-
         new file:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/class-wporg-themes-
         new file:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/inc/class-wporg-
         new file:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/inc/class-wporg-
         modified:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/jobs/class-trac-
         modified:   wp-content/plugins/theme-directory/theme-directory.php

 The details are in the patch I'll attach.

 There is still some work to be done, but I need meta's help with this one,
 as it's quite a big change, but would help theme review reps considerably.

Ticket URL: <https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4875>
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