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Fri Mar 8 02:41:38 UTC 2019

#4252: De-prioritize plugin changelog translation
 Reporter:  Nao                       |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement               |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                    |  Milestone:
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 == Problem ==
 Plugin changelog strings tend to be long and detailed but translating them
 adds a little benefit to end users. However, since (new) translation
 contributors have no easy way of knowing this fact, they tend to try to
 spend time completing translation. The effort should be directed to
 translating UI strings and other parts of readme.

 ([https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02RP50LK/p1551904234128100 Slack

 == Solution (Suggestion) ==

 === Quick & Easy/Temporary Fix===

 Show a text banner that says something like this:

  **Translators:** Changelog strings should be given low priority. Please
 translate other ones first.
  **PTE/GTE:** Please set changelog strings as "Priority: Low".

 === "Real" Fix ===

 There are a couple of ways to really solve the issue.

 ==== A: Automatically set low priority ====

 1. Keep the current project structure and automatically mark changelog
 strings as low priority upon import into translate.wordpress.org.
 2. Implement #4251 (Don't count low/hidden priority strings toward
 translation percentage).

 ==== B: Changelog as a separate sub-project ====
 @garrett-eclipse suggested we could also try separating changelog strings
 into its own sub-project.

 There will be these sub-projects:

 - Development (trunk)
 - Development Readme (trunk)
 - Changelog (trunk)
 - Stable (latest release)
 - Stable Readme (latest release)
 - Stable Changelog (latest release)

 He said:

  By segregating makes it easier to get the readme to 100% without leaving
 a  bunch of low priority untranslated changelog strings.

 I'd say we'll still need to either mark all changelog sub-project low
 priority or show a text banner saying the changelog strings are low

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