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#4091: Remove all title attributes from navigation menu
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Comment (by glueckpress):

 Thanks, @Otto42, that’s a great first step! Fwiw, I disagree that
 accessibility concerns fall into the category of ‘latest viewpoints’, but
 let’s keep moving here.

 Coming back to your question of what would be an appropriate location for
 the microcopy currently stored in data-titles, the only place I can think
 of from the top of my head would be applicable on small screens only, as a
 kind of subtitle to the menu item. I’ve mocked it up here (could be made
 prettier, of course):
 🖼 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9c8ebpin64bxol1/wp.org-menu-data-title-small-

 In that approach, we could probably totally move away from data-
 attributes altogether and use spans with a small-screen-only class and
 appropriate aria attributes. (@afercia, correct me if I’m wrong?)

 Applying the same approach to larger screens doesn’t seem feasible,
 though, without considering a full redesign of the horizontal menu. I’m
 not sure that would still be within the scope of this ticket, but then
 again, a designer might have better ideas for a more holistic approach.

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