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#4091: Remove all title attributes from navigation menu
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Comment (by glueckpress):

 Replying to [comment:11 Otto42]:
 > Okay, so is there any way to make that text remain, but not have screen
 readers read it out? Because as I stated, it is indeed unnecessary, but
 that doesn't make it without value. A solution that would prevent such
 assistive technologies from seeing it would be preferable to "consider to
 just remove it".

 Based on the discussion above, could we agree standard title attributes
 are not the most inclusive/accessible way to convey humour that otherwise
 may be a welcome, necessary, and important feature of wordpress.org?

 I’d suggest an approach where the copy currently stored in `title` gets
 stored in `data-title` which ([according to
 US/docs/Learn/HTML/Howto/Use_data_attributes#Issues)) is ignored by
 assistive technologies:

 > Do not store content that should be visible and accessible in data
 attributes, because assistive technology may not access them. In addition,
 search crawlers may not index data attributes' values.

 In our case, that would make `data-title` a perfect fit, wouldn’t it? A
 ‘tooltip’ emulating `title`’s `:hover` behaviour can be implemented via a
 minor amount of JavaScript, or probably even with CSS only.

 Unless I’m missing something, this approach would preserve the fun aspect
 for users who don’t rely on assistive technology while users who do could
 browse a functional menu without any additional noise.

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