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#4091: Remove all title attributes from navigation menu
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Comment (by Adrian Roselli):

 Replying to [comment:11 Otto42]:
 > is there any way to make that text remain, but not have screen readers
 read it out?

 No. `title` attributes are on the link itself. You cannot hide it without
 also hiding the link.

 I did some quick tests with a user and then made a video of two examples
 (with the speaking rate slowed way down):

 * JAWS / Internet Explorer http://adrianroselli.com/files/WordPress-
 * NVDA / Firefox http://adrianroselli.com/files/WordPress-org_NVDA-FF.mp4

 It wasn't until listening to the video that I realized the user in the
 NVDA example was tabbing before the Support or Documentation links had
 finished announcing all the title text. The commas introduced enough of a
 pause to make the user think it was done.

 Commas and periods do not belong in navigation; it should be quick, to the
 point, and not make me wait to see if there is more to hear. Further,
 starting the title text with the same text as the link was a bit verbose
 (Plugins, Documentation, About) so they would warrant new copy anyway.

 Also, the button announcement in NVDA is pretty awful. Listen. To. The.

 Anyway, the feedback is that the title text adds nothing and only slows
 the users down. This is particularly true for every visit to the site
 after the first visit ''ever''.

 While I am here, is there an issue somewhere to add `aria-current` to the
 currently active link in the navigation? The screen reader should announce
 that I am on the Plugins page. As it is, sitting through each entire link
 to hear if it is the current link was a bit annoying. The `title`
 attributes just added time to using the navigation.

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