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#4119: Proposal to change the headings hierarchy in the Getting Involved (Make)
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 Splitting this out from #4110.

 The headings hierarchy in the Getting Involved (Make) section has room for
 improvements for better SEO and accessibility:


 - as mentioned in #4112 the logo shouldn't be a `h1`
 - the main topic in this page is "Make WordPress" and that should be the
 only `h1` in the page

 **The "teaser" or "kicker" text:**
 it's made of two headings: `h1` + `h5`: looks like these headings are used
 for visual purposes but their semantic is inappropriate and the hierarchy
 is incorrect. These are not headings, they're not "titles that identify a
 section". Instead, they're introductory text and they should be two styled
 paragraphs under the main `h1` heading "Make WordPress"

 **The "There are many different ways for you to get involved with
 WordPress" `h2`:**
 Either it shouldn't be a heading at all and should be changed to a styled
 paragraph or if it's important to keep it as a `h2`, then all the headings
 under it should be `h2`. For the sake of simplicity I'd suggest the first

 **Meetings sub-section:**
 "Upcoming WordPress Meetings" should be the only heading in the page and
 should be a `h1`

 **Team Updates section (similar to all the Make blogs):**


 This one is a bit complicated:
 - there should be just one `h1` in the page ("Team Updates")
 - each post title shouldn't be a `h1`: for example, the bundled themes
 take care of this and in the archive pages they render the post titles as
 - if the post titles get changed to `h2`, then the headings in their
 content would have an incorrect hierarchy: this is even more complicated
 by the fact some posts use `h2` in their content and some posts use `h3`
 (see the screenshot above)
 - in the single post page, the post title need to stay as `h1` and the
 headings in the content need to have a correct hierarchy
 - worth nothing this is a problem with all the bundled themes too: an
 option could be displaying only the post excerpts and not the entire posts
 - some teams need to be informed they have to use `h2` headings in their
 content anyways (I seem to recall with the old design `h3` headings were
 recommended: this is no longer the case with the new design)

 Additionally, at the bottom of the page:
 - "Post navigation", which is visually hidden with `screen-reader-text`
 shouldn't be a `h1`, it needs to be changed to `h2`
 - the three headings in the sidebar: "About This Blog", "Email Updates",
 "Recent Activity", need to be changed from `h3` to `h2`. The current
 hierarchy is clearly incorrect:

 1 Post navigation
   3 About This Blog
   3 Email Updates
   3 Recent Activity

 These recommendation apply to all the Make blogs, with a few additional
 ones. For example, in [https://make.wordpress.org/core/ the Make/Core


 "Welcome" and "Communication" need to be changed from `h3` to `h2`. If I'm
 not wrong, each team can edit this part of the page so all the teams
 should be informed and invited to review and edit their pages to improve
 the headings hierarchy.

 Please consider going through all the pages in the Make section is out of
 the scope of this ticket. However, these are general guidelines that
 should be applied everywhere.

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