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#4091: Remove all title attributes from navigation menu
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Comment (by afercia):

 > I've read your links. Not one of them shows me the problem, here and

 Seems you'd need to read [https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/24766 the
 core ticket linked above] again. Quoting:

 > For users of assistive technologies, the title attribute is useless at
 best and sometimes an annoyance. Users of text-to-speech software who have
 configured their software to do so will hear the title attribute twice.

 That should be updated though, because to my knowledge and based on my
 testing, today all major screen readers read title attributes by default.

 To clarify again the point: for many users, title attributes are not
 available or barely noticeable:
 - in 2016, mobile and tablet internet usage surpassed desktop usage: all
 these users don't get title attributes at all
 - keyboard users: they don't get title attributes
 - mouse users: if you think they actually pay attention to that tiny
 browser tooltip, I'm afraid you're overly optimistic
 - in WordPress core
 [https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/24766#comment:47 we've removed
 tons of title attributes], I haven't heard complaints

 A bit ironically, screen reader users are the only ones constrained to get
 all those title attributes. The screenshot below is from Firefox + NVDA:


 As a screen reader user, I'm highly annoyed by all that noise that doesn't
 add any value to the menu. I just want to navigate through the menu and
 get the links in the quickest and most efficient way.

 This is not new. It's the result of ''years'' of research and
 implementation of best practices. Again, our general recommendation as
 accessibility ''team'' is:
 - if the title attribute adds relevant information: consider to make it
 available to all users, putting in plain text somewhere in the UI
 - if the title attribute doesn't add any relevant information: consider to
 just remove it

 So if you think those title attributes are important enough, I'd suggest
 to make them available to all users in plain text, in the design of the
 related pages. Personally, I don't think this is the case.

 > I wouldn't say "aggressive". But yes, "dismissive", certainly.

 That said, I'm not interested in continuing a conversation with a person
 who thinks a dismissive tone is perfectly appropriate, as that is
 disrespectful not only towards me but also towards the entire
 accessibility team.

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