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#4091: Remove all title attributes from navigation menu
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Comment (by Otto42):

 I wouldn't say "aggressive". But yes, "dismissive", certainly.

 Understand that I will always back any reason to keep "meaningless" things
 in. The old smiley's, for example. Or the "howdy" language. Or titles on
 links, especially when they do no harm to anybody. Trying to justify
 removing these sort of things for the sake of "accessibility", well.. it
 devalues what I see to be real accessibility issues, and yes, that bothers

 If there is a real issue with the existence of these that I'm not seeing,
 then I'm willing to learn. But really, from everything I know and have
 read, titles on links, by and large, are useless. They don't get read by
 accessibility software. They don't "do" anything of substance. So the
 general recommendation is to not use them for necessary information. Which
 is a valuable and useful recommendation.

 But in this case, those titles aren't being used for anything of value.
 Those hover titles don't need to be visible to anybody in particular.
 They're there solely for fun. Ignoring them entirely is fine. I don't need
 an accessible way to make these titles available, because they don't
 actually need to be available to anybody. And if the argument is that
 everything which isn't immediately useful should be removed, then yes, I
 will take exception to that notion.

 We're making software for human beings here, not just for machines. Having
 little human touches here and there is valuable to other humans. We don't
 need everything to be perfect according to some arbitrary standard, we
 need to adhere to the standards, and leave those human touches in where
 they don't cause any harm, and to give the software character and life.

 So yes, this kind of ticket annoys me because it's unbacked by any actual
 data. Like I said, show me the actual problem, not just some theoretical
 problem created by adhering to an arbitrary standard which not everybody
 necessarily agrees with. I'll happily fix real problems, right away. But
 no, this should be wontfix'd just as much as the "remove 'Howdy'" ticket
 should be wontfix'd. And that is my opinion.

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