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#3876: Update wporg-gp-customizations to generate translation files for each JS
 Reporter:  herregroen                |       Owner:  ocean90
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Comment (by timwhitlock):

 Hi. I don't know if this the right place to comment, but prior to JS
 translations being available for plugins, would you be open to some

 In short: I wonder if some concessions can be made for plugins and themes
 that only really need a single JSON file.

 The combined size of the default text domain's 11 JSON files is ~45K and
 I'd expect Core to be more complex and have more JS than the vast majority
 of plugins. (My own uses 33 strings, totalling ~8K)

 The new system creates complexities which may be ok for Core development,
 but many plugin and theme developers looking to use the new system will
 struggle to prepare their sources. I know this, because I'm already
 beginning to hear from them.

 Ensuring file references match production code will cause some people
 problems. (e.g. `src/library/component.js` won't match `dist/prod.js`). I
 know this has been considered because WP handles `.min.js`, but there are
 many common practices that won't produce that result. Using command line
 tools to generate PHP files with `/* references: */` seems like
 unnecessary wrangling for simple cases.

 I agree that following WordPress standards is a fair requirement for being
 GlotPress-compatible, and I support that. However, in this case I feel
 like the requirements are unnecessarily restrictive and error-prone.

 Would it be possible to allow plugins and themes to use a single
 `{$slug}-{$locale}.json` file? Perhaps electing to do so through some meta
 declaration, or simply on account of the number, or size of strings? I
 know that loading such file would also require a change to
 `load_script_translation_file`, but would you be against the idea from the
 GlotPress side?

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